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'68 Camaro

Scott McKenna - 1968 Camaro

^ Pictured above is my 1968 Camaro that I drag race in Northern California. I bought it when I was in high school, where it served as yer basic to-and-from-school transportation, and for many years after that it was my to-and-from-work commuter car. When I finally took it to the dragstrip, I was hooked on racing for good. It's no longer my daily driver, but it's still tagged, registered, and insured for occasional street cruising, and I drive it to and from the dragstrip for the races.

The quickest full-out quarter-mile pass I've made so far is 10.89 seconds, with a best speed of 123 mph. Since it's a street car, I still run it in the Sportsman bracket class, and use an EZ-Plate Systems carb restrictor plate to slow it down to 12-seconds flat.

I brought it out from Florida in late 2006, after almost ten years of storing it there, with an occasional oil change and a warm up drive around the block every other year or so. Once I started working on it again, a few small repairs ballooned into over two years worth of updates, and I finally got it out to the dragstrip to race for the 2008 points season. I had no idea it would go as well as it did in my first year back in it again, and I pulled off the unlikely and managed to finish first place in points and take the Track Championship in Sportsman in the Summit ET Racing Series. It was extremely close; I won by less than a round of racing. There were several people still in contention for the championship coming into the last race, and any one of them were deserving of the title. It just happened to be my year, I did well enough in the last race, and the points system worked in my favor to allow me to claim my first track championship with the Camaro, and my third Sportsman title overall.

In 2020, we had an abbreviated race season, with only three points races for the entire year. Fortunately for me, I was able to make it to two out of the three final rounds, with a win and a runner-up, giving me enough points to win my fourth Sportsman track championship. It was a rare bright spot in the year of Covid-19 and divisive politics...


^ The Camaro engine compartment is currently home to a 383 cubic inch small block Chevy engine, fed by a 750 cfm carb on top of a dual-plane manifold. The mixture of air and fuel are passed to a pair of pump-gas friendly AFR 195cc Eliminator heads, while the valves follow the bumps of a Comp Cams hydraulic roller cam. Torque is transferred through the drivetrain by a 9-inch FTI converter with a 4800 RPM stall, spinning inside the bellhousing of a 2-speed powergilde trans, then sent back to the 4.11 geared, 12-bolt rearend. The 1-3/4" stepped headers dump the exhaust into dual 3" pipes, crossing through an X-pipe and splitting into the Magnaflow 2-1/2" mufflers.

At the Race Track

Camaro Burnout

^ Doing a burnout with the Camaro, getting the rear rubber hot and sticky for starting line traction.


Round Three

^ Above is an "elimination" round, which involves a headstart for the slower car. The loser of the round is done racing for the day. There are no second chances in drag racing!


^ Above is a video of a typical 12-second, 113 MPH practice pass ("time run"), as viewed from the front of the car.


^ Above is an un-restricted high ten-second pass viewed from inside the car, looking over toward my opponent.


^ View from outside the car, first round of eliminations. It was a good race, and I went five more rounds to win the Sportsman class that day.


^ Emptying the smoke outta the tires, then looking into the sun on a late afternoon pass.


^ Compilation of full-out runs from a Wednesday Night Bracket Shootout race.


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